Don’t Get Mushy

“Don’t get mushy” is what my dad always says whenever one of us shows even a minuscule form of affection towards him. He likes to pretend he’s a grouch but it’s no secret to the world that he’s soft as melted butter inside. Anyway, the point is, imma ’bout to get mushy. This navy and white striped dress has a special place in my heart because it was the dress I wore last summer when I had my first real conversation with Zach (I think the week before we had only exchanged cordial hellos and our names). Unfortunately it was one of those “fast fashion” purchases; I think it’s ready to be retired. But I had to get at least a few photos of me in it before I let it go. I’m a sentimental woman, you see. Funny enough, our first conversation was all about our commitment issues and how we weren’t really feelin it with the people we were dating at the time. I remember us both concluding that we’d probably get married sometime in our 30s and that was fine by us. Little did either of us know we were nonchalantly discussing our dating and relationship woes with the person whose signature would eventually end up next to ours on a marriage certificate. Life is funny.

P.S. I’d love it if you all thought I simply bought these blossoms from a street florist on my way home from work, but the truth is they came from Charlotte’s garden. She thinks she’s Martha Stewart and can do anything. And basically, she can.









Navy and White Striped Dress: Modbe

Tangerine Blazer: eBay

Brown Oxford Heels: Ross

Gold Plated Belt: Goodwill- New York City

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


11 thoughts on “Don’t Get Mushy

  1. I am liking the blazer — very nice. Do you really think you guys will get married before you turn 30? KIDDING!

    BTW, I keep looking for some very special Goodwill finds but alas, I am disappointed. Maybe someday. As the kids always say, their blogs are always supposed to be about me!

    • I dunno, Julie. When we first started dating it was looking more and more like we’d be in our 40s. Good thing we decided to fast forward.

      And this week, you mark my words! I’ll take photos of some of our Goodwill treasures!

  2. I am in love with this outfit & your hair! I’m so sad you’re retiring this dress. Stripes just look spectacular on you! Can I borrow that blazer?! 🙂 I should probably wait till winter though…

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