1939 Fashion Forecasting

Oh my goodness, I love this stuff. My sister sent this youtube to me because she knows I can’t get enough! I could get lost on youtube for hours watching vintage etiquette videos from the 1940s on “how to be a lady”, “how to date”, “how much affection is appropriate before marriage”, and my favorite, “how to be popular”.  They’re so silly! It makes them all the more meaningful when I’m watching them late at night with my hair in curlers, wearing a nightgown. I lay down on my stomach, prop my head in my hands, kick me feet up, and then I feel like I’m really ready for some propriety lessons.

This one however, is actually pretty cool because it shows what designers predicted fashions would be in the future. I wish they had mentioned designers by name; I’m willing to bet I would have been familiar with them. Still, this little video is delightful and the narrator stole my heart. My favorite parts?

“Oh, swish!”

“What the groom will wear, apart from a worried look, is unmentioned.”

“Coins, keys, and candies for cuties.”

I’m going to have to find a way of using that last one. I always love a catchy alliteration phrase!



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