Here Comes the Sun

Literally. Is anyone else miserably, uncomfortably hot? When I heard on the radio this morning that it would be in the triple digits I sneered and thought “I hate sunshine! Horrible wholesome sunshine! I hate it I hate it!”  Madame Mim, anyone? Nah, I’m only foolin, I like sunshine as long as it’s happy and warm and not blistering my skin. I’m sure it’s not news to any of you that I have a very delicate complexion. But I thought the lighting in these pictures turned out very dramatic, I like the sun seeping in the window at the end of the day. I think I enjoy sunsets best.

 I bought these pink satin slippers from Savers months and months ago because I thought they were dainty and feminine, but I never seemed to want to wear them with any of my outfits. It just never felt right. A few weeks ago my five year ole niece, Amelia, was hanging out in my room with me and she ran her fingers through all my jewelry and asked to try on every high heel I owned. She kept exclaiming things like “Oh my gosh, how are you so fancy!?” and “This is sooooo cute, I could die!” It made me laugh. Who is teaching her to talk like a silly 14 year old? My sister says she’s been spending time with a few teenage girls in the neighborhood because they think she’s so funny. They’re probably using her for entertainment but I’m sure they’re also doing their best to indoctrinate her in the ways of Justin Bieber, Disney channel, and how to be, like, totally cool and popular. Anyway, the point is, she spotted these pink satins and her eyes turned into hearts. She exclaimed “These are the most beautifullest shoes I’ve ever seen!” She asked if we could play dress up, and by that she meant “Can I wear your clothes?” Of course I obliged. She put these pink heels on and I draped her in necklaces and bangles and some clip on earrings. She walked around the house the rest of the evening with her head held high, donning quite a haughty expression.  These shoes transformed her into a very powerful queen. Now every time she comes over and finds me in my room she says “Aunt Kaaaaaait! It’s time to play dress up!” I’m beginning to think maybe there’s something to these satin slippers after all?”






DSC_0202Cheerful Floral Print Shirt: Goodwill- Boston

Blue Wool Pencil Skirt: Julie (my almost mother-in-law)

Pink Satin Kitten Heels: Savers Draped Pearl Necklace:

Emma (my almost sister-in-law)

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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