Easy Breezy

I said it afore and I’ll say it again, these jersey knit dresses from DownEast are bombs. They’re our best sellers. It seems to be the only thing I can wear to battle this summer heat! The knit is lightweight and oh so comfortable. I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t care for tee shirts, I just can’t seem to feel myself in them, but if you lengthen it out to make a dress I can jive with it a little more. Bring on those triple digit temps! I can take it in this tee dress.

 P.S. did you notice that I finally got my engagement ring back!? It’s still so gorgeous to me.










Two Tone Striped Dress: DownEast

Paisley Embossed Belt: Savers

Suede Chunky Heels: Forever Young Shoes

Gold Chain Bracelet: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


4 thoughts on “Easy Breezy

  1. PLEASE PUT THIS DRESS ON HOLD FOR ME!!!!! I HAVE to have it! You look beautiful as usual. I love your hair especially. & that ring. WOO HOO! Love you.

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