Not So Summer

Okay, I know it’s summer and I know I’m wearing too much black. Of course I adore bright, vibrant summer colors, I just don’t love the casualness of summer clothes that seems to come with it. But this top was given to me by one of my best friends, Hayley, for my birthday back in April and I felt like she was due for another little shout out. I don’t know if she’s aware of this but for the last couple of birthdays she has given me an item of clothing with some kind of variation of white and black polka dots. Clearly she has a subconscious connection between me and the black spot. Thanks for the shirt, Haylers, even if you are plotting my demise.

P.S. Like my hair? It’s called air dried. The Kaitlin of even 2 years ago would have been absolutely appalled and disgraced. But it’s finally happened; I’m getting lazy in my old age.











Black and White Polka Dot Button Up Shirt: Birthday present from my little monstrosity.

Cream and Gold Bow Belt: DownEast

Black Tear Drop Earrings: DownEast

Gold Draped Necklace: Forever 21

White Heels: Savers

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 



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