At work last Friday I walked through the customer service office and was hailed by some of the girls because they had a surprise for me. Sometimes we sell other brands and these girls are the first to get their hands on all the new inventory. This cream pleated tulle skirt came in that day and they immediately set it aside for me because they thought “This is SO Kaitlin!” It pays to be on friendly terms with the customer service ladies. I thought “Well, yes actually, I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty cream skirt. This is great!” I thanked them for being so considerate and bought it right away. I wore it to work and my dad, who sees me every morning before I leave, asked if I was going to the ball. When I got to work a man who is on the maintenance team (a funny friend of mine) asked if I was going to prom. Sheesh. Really, with a cream tulle skirt there’s only one direction I was going to take it. Of course I was going to make it as dreamy and feminine as possible. I can’t help myself. But maybe my next styling challenge will be to make this skirt a little more cool and edgie. Think I can do it?













Pink Rose Blouse: Goodwill- San Francisco

Cream Tulle Pleated Skirt: DownEast – Anthropologie discount

Champagne Gold Purse: DownEast

Metallic Pewter Kitten Heels: Goodwill- New York

Bangles: Forever 21

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring: Zachary 😉

Photos By Charlotte Tidwell


2 thoughts on “Dreamy

  1. These photos are GORGEOUS! Your sister has some mad photography skills. I love your hair TONS!!!! Teach me how to braid my hair like that. Also, the skirt is AMAZING!!! I wish they had had another one! Love you. ❤

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