White, Blonde Kardashian

The thing about this “jacket” (truly, I’m not quite sure what to call it?) is that I never would have bought it if it were up to me. The print is a little too wild for me (and you thought I had no limits?) and I’m not usually into drapey jackets and sweaters. It was a gift of love and the funny thing is, the more I wear it the more it grows on me. There is a sweet little Latina lady that works in the warehouse stocking all the styles and making sure they ship to our stores each month. Her name is Sonia and she hardly speaks a lick of English. Every time I step out of the design studio to run an errand I pass her on my way and she always mimes to me some kind of compliment. She’ll point at my shoes and give me the A-Okay sign, or pull on my shirt and give me thumbs up. She’s the most darling thing in the world. I quickly learned her name and now I have to stop by and give her a hug before I take care of whatever business run I’m on. I can’t head for my desk every day without stopping by her to say good morning. Last April she found out my birthday was coming up, thanks to the birthday poster they hang in the employee break room every month, and told me she would get me a birthday present (in broken English). I tried to convince her she shouldn’t and that her money would be much more wisely spent somewhere else but it was to no avail. Sure enough, the day after my birthday (I took my actual birthday off. Obviously.) she motioned for me to follow her to her little locker where she pulled out a red birthday bag stuffed to its full capacity with white and yellow tissue paper. She kept pointing to her heart and saying “Kaitlin in my heart. My only friend.” I’m not trying to be overly cheesy here; I’m just saying I was extremely touched, almost a little teary. I know for a fact that she spent a good bit of cash on a birthday present for me and I also know for a fact that she can’t afford to do that. I opened it up and gave a very enthusiastic “thank you” as I pulled out this zany pink, white, and black jacket, and a little gold necklace. I took off what I was wearing for the day and put it on. She laughed and clapped her hands. Oh my, she is the cutest. It was a tender moment, so tender that I didn’t even care that the label on the necklace and jacket said Kardashian. My sister has joked a couple times that I’m a white, blonde Kardashian. I guess the shoe just fit.

 P.S. I wore the gold necklace in this post. It’s another piece I wouldn’t have bought on my own but I’m very fond of. I always go for ostentatious jewelry; I forget that there is so much beauty in simplicity as well.









Funky Print Jacket: Sonia ❤

Black Knit Pencil Skirt: Made by yours truly

Pink and Gold Sling-Back Heels: Savers

Pink Beaded Necklace: The ever wonderful Emma Heckert Brown.

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


4 thoughts on “White, Blonde Kardashian

  1. AWWWW!!!!!!! How sweet is she?! “You’re my only friend.” SO tender! I must meet this woman. Love you & this hairstyle! & the jacket!

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