Beautiful Italian Shoes? Yes Please.

This entire outfit is courtesy of my future mother-in-law, Julie Heckert. Remember when she took me to Goodwill in Salt lake as a belated birthday present? She knew the secret to my soul. Mmmmmmmmm I love thrift shopping. Julie is actually the one who found these delicious suede heels, that Julie has got an eye for expensive Italian shoes. She found me three pairs that I ended up loving! It’s gotta be that Italian blood of hers. And this tweed trumpet skirt was just what I’ve been looking for to add to my work wardrobe…meaning my all day every day wardrobe. It’s always an issue for me. My fiancé was telling me the other night that I need to learn how to dress for the occasion, but I say “why be drab when you could be fab!?” Who’s with me!? Anyone? Anyone at all? Ugh. He’s got a point.










Black (but secretly they are navy) Suede Heels: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Brown, Black, and Cream Tweed Trumpet Skirt: Goodwill0 Salt Lake City

Black Button-Up Light Sweater: Julie hand-me-down

Gold Chain Necklace: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Italian Shoes? Yes Please.

  1. HAHAHA! “Why be drab when you can be fab?” I lol’d because I can picture him telling you to dress for the occasion. You’re just to fab all the time, Cootie Cake!!

      • Emma, I know. He’s not the first to say it and he won’t be the last. But it’s been raining so hard lately and I have to walk to and from trax and wait for the train in the rain (I could be a white girl rhyming rapper!) that today I wore jeans and a long sleeve tee shirt and boat shoes. My hair is in french braids. I feel SO under dressed and it’s a little hard on my heart. But maybe good practice?

  2. Such a a cute outfit! I love it and those shoes look marvelous darling!

    BTW, if you want wedding jewels Zach’s aunt can get things made in quantity and she is happy to do it. We need to get her samples by the end of August!

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