Just Call Me Ginger

There are two different names for this kind of dress; trapeze dress and tent dress. Trapeze dress is much more flattering so obviously that’s what I’m goin’ with. I bought this dress from Burlington Coat Factory just before I moved to San Francisco because I loved the pleated black chiffon. I wore it to a formal dinner and dance my church held every Christmas season and it ended up being the perfect dress for the occasion. I danced with my friend Clay that night and we both felt so upscale as we swirled around the dance floor! Every time he twirled me my dress would fly open all the way up to my waist (good thing the dress is lined) and then as he pulled me in it would coil back around my legs before settling again. Was I being Ginger Rogers!? I thought so. No wonder so many girls dream of becoming ballroom dancers, swaying with and manipulating fabric is a delectable hobby.









Black Pleated Chiffon Trapeze Dress: BCF

Black with Cream Polka Dots Chiffon Button-Up: Deseret Industries- Logan Utah

Draped Pearl Necklace: Forever 21

Black High Heels: Head Over Heels

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell


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