About Me

Hi! Welcome to Bangles to Bells. My name is Kaitlin McKinlay and thrifting is my greatest joy; I’m an eBay enthusiast and a Goodwill guru!

I have a bachelors degree in fashion design from The Art Institute of California-San Francisco. SF was my home for over three and a half years and if you’re familiar with that kooky city you will recognize that my aesthetic was absolutely influenced by the quirky, artistic, nostalgic atmosphere.

After graduating from the design program, I moved to Boston. I left my heart in San Francisco but if I had my way I would set up residence on the east coast and finish off my days there. I really enjoyed the rich history, charm, breathtaking natural beauty, and posh vibe!

While living in Boston I received a request from Banana Republic to do some technical design work in New York City. I immediately moved to Manhattan (three cheers for Harlem!) and loved every minute working for BR. They are a wonderful company and I’m grateful for my time spent there.

Last year I flew home for the holidays and noticed a design position available for DownEast Outfitters in Salt Lake City. The prospect of living close to family again after so many years away was very enticing and I immediately took the job at DownEast. Today I work primarily with designing textiles and prints and do the majority of the CAD work.

As you can see, I’m filling out my resume one state at a time!

woo woo

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