White, Blonde Kardashian

The thing about this “jacket” (truly, I’m not quite sure what to call it?) is that I never would have bought it if it were up to me. The print is a little too wild for me (and you thought I had no limits?) and I’m not usually into drapey jackets and sweaters. It was a gift of love and the funny thing is, the more I wear it the more it grows on me. There is a sweet little Latina lady that works in the warehouse stocking all the styles and making sure they ship to our stores each month. Her name is Sonia and she hardly speaks a lick of English. Every time I step out of the design studio to run an errand I pass her on my way and she always mimes to me some kind of compliment. She’ll point at my shoes and give me the A-Okay sign, or pull on my shirt and give me thumbs up. She’s the most darling thing in the world. I quickly learned her name and now I have to stop by and give her a hug before I take care of whatever business run I’m on. I can’t head for my desk every day without stopping by her to say good morning. Last April she found out my birthday was coming up, thanks to the birthday poster they hang in the employee break room every month, and told me she would get me a birthday present (in broken English). I tried to convince her she shouldn’t and that her money would be much more wisely spent somewhere else but it was to no avail. Sure enough, the day after my birthday (I took my actual birthday off. Obviously.) she motioned for me to follow her to her little locker where she pulled out a red birthday bag stuffed to its full capacity with white and yellow tissue paper. She kept pointing to her heart and saying “Kaitlin in my heart. My only friend.” I’m not trying to be overly cheesy here; I’m just saying I was extremely touched, almost a little teary. I know for a fact that she spent a good bit of cash on a birthday present for me and I also know for a fact that she can’t afford to do that. I opened it up and gave a very enthusiastic “thank you” as I pulled out this zany pink, white, and black jacket, and a little gold necklace. I took off what I was wearing for the day and put it on. She laughed and clapped her hands. Oh my, she is the cutest. It was a tender moment, so tender that I didn’t even care that the label on the necklace and jacket said Kardashian. My sister has joked a couple times that I’m a white, blonde Kardashian. I guess the shoe just fit.

 P.S. I wore the gold necklace in this post. It’s another piece I wouldn’t have bought on my own but I’m very fond of. I always go for ostentatious jewelry; I forget that there is so much beauty in simplicity as well.









Funky Print Jacket: Sonia ❤

Black Knit Pencil Skirt: Made by yours truly

Pink and Gold Sling-Back Heels: Savers

Pink Beaded Necklace: The ever wonderful Emma Heckert Brown.

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell



At work last Friday I walked through the customer service office and was hailed by some of the girls because they had a surprise for me. Sometimes we sell other brands and these girls are the first to get their hands on all the new inventory. This cream pleated tulle skirt came in that day and they immediately set it aside for me because they thought “This is SO Kaitlin!” It pays to be on friendly terms with the customer service ladies. I thought “Well, yes actually, I’ve been on the hunt for a pretty cream skirt. This is great!” I thanked them for being so considerate and bought it right away. I wore it to work and my dad, who sees me every morning before I leave, asked if I was going to the ball. When I got to work a man who is on the maintenance team (a funny friend of mine) asked if I was going to prom. Sheesh. Really, with a cream tulle skirt there’s only one direction I was going to take it. Of course I was going to make it as dreamy and feminine as possible. I can’t help myself. But maybe my next styling challenge will be to make this skirt a little more cool and edgie. Think I can do it?













Pink Rose Blouse: Goodwill- San Francisco

Cream Tulle Pleated Skirt: DownEast – Anthropologie discount

Champagne Gold Purse: DownEast

Metallic Pewter Kitten Heels: Goodwill- New York

Bangles: Forever 21

Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring: Zachary 😉

Photos By Charlotte Tidwell

Memory Lane

I’ve always been one to associate my outfits with memories. If something significant happens in my life I can definitely recite what I was wearing, right down to the jewelry. Because this is a fashion blog and I am a newly engaged woman, and because I have a fatty crush on Zachary, I thought it would be fun to  post about the outfits I’ve worn in each noteworthy moment of mine and Zach’s courtship. (I’m always excited when I get to use the word “courtship”.) And plus, you never know, I’m an avid journal keeper but what if there’s a fire and I lose all my records!? The thought makes me ill. This post right here might be the only chronicle left of my romance!

I mentioned a few weeks back that my little white and navy striped dress was what I wore when I first met Zach, but just in case you didn’t catch that post, here’s a picture. It makes me smile because neither of us had any idea that we would end up dating. We simply had a friendly conversation (both of us are open books, we’ll tell people almost anything) and then walked away not thinking a thing about it. After our initial meeting though, we used to see each other jogging in the mornings every other day and after a while it became something I kinda looked forward to. That was definitely what made Zach stick out to me and stay in my mind. My little brain needed the repetition of his face. After a month or two I used to say to myself as I’d come jogging down 1600 N. “Gee, I hope I see that cute boy today!” I should post a picture of me in my jogging get up just to make this post legitimate, but…no. You can all consider yourselves spared.


Zach added me as a friend on facebook soon after we met but then moved to Provo and I didn’t hear from him again until four months later. He nonchalantly asked over facebook if we could meet up for lunch and I told him I work in Salt Lake and wouldn’t be able to get together in the Orem/Provo area. He said that he could do dinner in SLC on Friday night because he had a mission reunion that night and would be in my vicinity. Neither of us really knew if what we were doing was a date or not. I didn’t think so and I don’t think he initially meant it to be, but then by the end I think he wished it had been. Sadly, I was not completely impressed with Zacheral and thought it would be just fine if we didn’t get together again. I thought he seemed overly fond of himself, pompous in his opinions, and definitely concerned about making sure I knew we were only having a friendly get together. I thought “Oh brother. This guy is worried I’m going to fall madly in love with him. Good grief, there’s no danger of that!” I do love the irony. It just goes to show first impressions are almost always wrong! Anyway, this is what I wore that night we hung out in SLC last September 27th.




Two weeks later I got a text from one of my best friends, Jo, asking if I had “friend zoned” Zach. Jo’s husband and Zach are close friends (Complete coincidence. Neither of us knew that beforehand) and apparently they were on the phone with each other when Jo heard Zach say that he didn’t think I was feelin it. Zach told Ryan I had friend zoned him and Jo immediately texted me to get the scoop. I think I said something like “Well, ya. He did too! I got the impression he only wanted to be friends.” She told him that of course, and later that evening I got a whole slew of text messages from Zach.  He asked when we could get together again and I told him that my sister, Allysann, was getting married on October 16th and that I had sold my soul to her until then. I wouldn’t be available to do a single thing until after her wedding. I heard from him a lot over those weeks via text and in one of those texting conversations I joked about him watching my favorite movie with me, Gone With the Wind. I didn’t think for a second he would dream of watching that scrumptious 1939 drama but the day after Ally’s wedding I got a text from Zach asking when we were going to get together to watch Gone With the Wind. I thought “Seriously? He really wants to watch it with me? Wow. Never met a man before in my life that was so amiable.” Zach really does watch anything with me so I try not to take advantage of his kindness. I never pick a movie that is too chickie, ya know? Unless it’s a classic like Pride and Prejudice.

 We ended up watching the first half of Gone With the Wind the Friday night after Allysann’s wedding and the second half the next weekend. After those three times of getting together to “hang out” Zach called to ask me out on our first date. I’m pretty sure it was the first week of November. This is the patriotic outfit I wore to go get Thai food 😉 After a fun and interesting talk over dinner, as he was taking me home, we got in a friendly argument and I exasperatedly threw my arms in the air to disagree with him. He calmly looked over at me and said my name (along with something else) and somehow in that one moment I knew I was probably going to have several discussions like this with him for the rest of our lives. It was strange. I certainly had never had that feeling with any other boy. I just knew. It wasn’t a significant moment for him and I definitely didn’t act like I felt anything. But as he hugged me goodnight on my doorstep, he felt it too. That’s why this outfit is one I’ll love forever.


 Zach and I are very slow movers and it took until the first week of December (the 6th to be exact) that we had our first kiss. We had gone to a cute taco place in Provo for dinner and then back to his house to watch Pinocchio. It’s one of his very favorite Disney movies, the animation and style is incredible. Zach is an artist and he appreciates those things. We were cuddling on the couch together and after the movie ended I turned around to face him. We had been dating for about a month and half and somehow I knew that it was gonna happen that night. Sigh, those first kiss freakouts.  You know, the ones where your stomach tightens into a knot and the butterflies are almost unbearable but it’s still all so good? He lowered his face to mine and left it there, his nose on mine, for what felt like a really long time. Just enough time for me to build up a little anxiety 😉 He finally went for it and the DVD track, When You Wish Upon a Star, played incessantly in the background. That song will always remind me of  Zachercracker’s and my first kiss. It was precious. So is this little striped dress which is what I was wearing when it all went down.


I wore this saucy red number on Valentines Day when Zach said “I love you” for the first time. He had come up to Salt Lake to meet me for dinner, we ate at a place called My Thai (I guess we’re totally into Thai food?) and when we got in the car to drive back to his place he reached out and hugged me. He held me for a second, then said some sweet things followed by those three ominous words. I say ominous only because I was terrified of them. I felt like if we started saying that to each other then a marriage proposal was right around the corner. I didn’t think either of us was ready for that! It didn’t seem to me that you could just be in love for another year or two, I feared things were about to move fast. I knew I loved him of course, but did I marriage love him!? AH! He was adorable that night, though, and sweet and thoughtful, and although I wasn’t quite ready to say it back to him I did tell him about my experience in the car with him after our first date. That counts for something, right? Zach is just as afraid of commitment as I am so I knew it was doubly hard for him to put himself out there like that. I definitely appreciated his vulnerability.


I took the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to drive my sister Danielle to her new home in Arizona.  While I was on that arduous journey I had plenty of time to think about Zach. Yes, I knew I was in love. Yes, I knew that Zach was going to be the one I married. But did I want to admit it? It was way too scary! Zach and I both love being single a lot. I think it’s what we’re both most comfortable with and let’s face it, being single has a lot of perks. But after those couple days of deep thinking I came to the conclusion that I loved Zach and I needed to face it head on. Time to be a grown up. The next morning after my trip to Arizona was Zach’s birthday and I had lots of plans for us. The moment I walked into his house and hugged him I felt a rush of relief. I had missed him so much. I just had to tell him! So I did. As we flopped on his couch together I said “Zach, I love you. I really do!” I was wearing this orange plaid number because he had requested I dress casually. This was the best I could do.  His birthday, February 17th, was one of my very favorite days I’ve ever spent with him.


 The last noteworthy outfit I wore with Zach was this happy little one from a couple weeks ago. This is what I wore the night he proposed. He picked me up after work and took me to a little antique shop on Center Street in Provo. The store was closed but the owners opened it exclusively for us. I thought that was pretty neat. He let me pick out my own ring and then once it was in a pretty little round, gold box, he took me to dinner at the restaurant we went to on our first date. I thought he was going to propose there, but no. He paid the check and then we went out to the car. I thought “Huh. I guess he’s saving it for another day?” but once I got situated in the car I could tell he was getting a little uncomfortable and fidgety and I thought “Oh my, are things about to get real right now!? Eeeeeeeeee!” What he said was very sincere and to the point. That’s my Zag for ya. He asked me to marry him and I felt like being a little bit impish. I said “Well, this might come as a surprise to you… but yes.” I think for only a fragment of a second he thought I was going to say no or that I need more time. I’m so mean. He didn’t get on one knee like is traditionally expected because I’m a bit of a feminist and I’m afraid that conventionality has always rubbed me the wrong way. Why does he need to get on his knees and beg? Aren’t we supposed to be equal? I never want to be placed on some Victorian pedestal, I want to be level with him. I know, you’re all thinking I’m tragically unromantic, but here’s the thing: I was sitting in that exact car in that exact seat after eating at that exact restaurant when I realized that Zachary was going to be my boy forever. I felt like we had come in full circle. It was all very poetic and personal and really, that’s all I ever require.


And here’s the only real picture we have together. The rest are sad selfies. We have to work on that.unnamed

Not So Summer

Okay, I know it’s summer and I know I’m wearing too much black. Of course I adore bright, vibrant summer colors, I just don’t love the casualness of summer clothes that seems to come with it. But this top was given to me by one of my best friends, Hayley, for my birthday back in April and I felt like she was due for another little shout out. I don’t know if she’s aware of this but for the last couple of birthdays she has given me an item of clothing with some kind of variation of white and black polka dots. Clearly she has a subconscious connection between me and the black spot. Thanks for the shirt, Haylers, even if you are plotting my demise.

P.S. Like my hair? It’s called air dried. The Kaitlin of even 2 years ago would have been absolutely appalled and disgraced. But it’s finally happened; I’m getting lazy in my old age.











Black and White Polka Dot Button Up Shirt: Birthday present from my little monstrosity.

Cream and Gold Bow Belt: DownEast

Black Tear Drop Earrings: DownEast

Gold Draped Necklace: Forever 21

White Heels: Savers

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 


Easy Breezy

I said it afore and I’ll say it again, these jersey knit dresses from DownEast are bombs. They’re our best sellers. It seems to be the only thing I can wear to battle this summer heat! The knit is lightweight and oh so comfortable. I mentioned in an earlier post that I don’t care for tee shirts, I just can’t seem to feel myself in them, but if you lengthen it out to make a dress I can jive with it a little more. Bring on those triple digit temps! I can take it in this tee dress.

 P.S. did you notice that I finally got my engagement ring back!? It’s still so gorgeous to me.










Two Tone Striped Dress: DownEast

Paisley Embossed Belt: Savers

Suede Chunky Heels: Forever Young Shoes

Gold Chain Bracelet: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 

Here Comes the Sun

Literally. Is anyone else miserably, uncomfortably hot? When I heard on the radio this morning that it would be in the triple digits I sneered and thought “I hate sunshine! Horrible wholesome sunshine! I hate it I hate it!”  Madame Mim, anyone? Nah, I’m only foolin, I like sunshine as long as it’s happy and warm and not blistering my skin. I’m sure it’s not news to any of you that I have a very delicate complexion. But I thought the lighting in these pictures turned out very dramatic, I like the sun seeping in the window at the end of the day. I think I enjoy sunsets best.

 I bought these pink satin slippers from Savers months and months ago because I thought they were dainty and feminine, but I never seemed to want to wear them with any of my outfits. It just never felt right. A few weeks ago my five year ole niece, Amelia, was hanging out in my room with me and she ran her fingers through all my jewelry and asked to try on every high heel I owned. She kept exclaiming things like “Oh my gosh, how are you so fancy!?” and “This is sooooo cute, I could die!” It made me laugh. Who is teaching her to talk like a silly 14 year old? My sister says she’s been spending time with a few teenage girls in the neighborhood because they think she’s so funny. They’re probably using her for entertainment but I’m sure they’re also doing their best to indoctrinate her in the ways of Justin Bieber, Disney channel, and how to be, like, totally cool and popular. Anyway, the point is, she spotted these pink satins and her eyes turned into hearts. She exclaimed “These are the most beautifullest shoes I’ve ever seen!” She asked if we could play dress up, and by that she meant “Can I wear your clothes?” Of course I obliged. She put these pink heels on and I draped her in necklaces and bangles and some clip on earrings. She walked around the house the rest of the evening with her head held high, donning quite a haughty expression.  These shoes transformed her into a very powerful queen. Now every time she comes over and finds me in my room she says “Aunt Kaaaaaait! It’s time to play dress up!” I’m beginning to think maybe there’s something to these satin slippers after all?”






DSC_0202Cheerful Floral Print Shirt: Goodwill- Boston

Blue Wool Pencil Skirt: Julie (my almost mother-in-law)

Pink Satin Kitten Heels: Savers Draped Pearl Necklace:

Emma (my almost sister-in-law)

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell

70s Jumpsuit

I’m just keeping my promise! Remember back in this post when I mentioned that I had bought a blue jumpsuit? Well here it is, in all its electric blue glory! I bought it from the Beehive Bazaar in Provo and I think it is one of the most amusing pieces I’ve ever purchased.  I wore it to work last month and throughout the day got quite a mixed review. On the train to and from work some people gave me an condescending smirk, others actually let out a few giggles. Still, there were some who gave me a nod of approval and even a compliment or two.  But most importantly, my coworkers all thought it was totally rad. I value my fellow professional fashioner’s opinion above any others. Of course, in the end, I love it. So this suit is here to stay. I feel like 70s super hero! Charlie’s Angels?









70s Jumpsuit: Beehive Bazaar, Provo Utah

White Belt: Deseret Industries

Oversized Glasses: Zenni Optical

Bangles: Forever 21

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell

1939 Fashion Forecasting

Oh my goodness, I love this stuff. My sister sent this youtube to me because she knows I can’t get enough! I could get lost on youtube for hours watching vintage etiquette videos from the 1940s on “how to be a lady”, “how to date”, “how much affection is appropriate before marriage”, and my favorite, “how to be popular”.  They’re so silly! It makes them all the more meaningful when I’m watching them late at night with my hair in curlers, wearing a nightgown. I lay down on my stomach, prop my head in my hands, kick me feet up, and then I feel like I’m really ready for some propriety lessons.

This one however, is actually pretty cool because it shows what designers predicted fashions would be in the future. I wish they had mentioned designers by name; I’m willing to bet I would have been familiar with them. Still, this little video is delightful and the narrator stole my heart. My favorite parts?

“Oh, swish!”

“What the groom will wear, apart from a worried look, is unmentioned.”

“Coins, keys, and candies for cuties.”

I’m going to have to find a way of using that last one. I always love a catchy alliteration phrase!


Gone Rural

A few weeks ago my soon to be mother-in-law, Julie, took me on a Goodwill shopping spree. It was a belated birthday present and it couldn’t have been more delightful and successful! I found this light wash denim dress and super sexy leopard print heels and so, so much more! It will all be making its way to my blog sooner or later. Julie and I made a full day of it and even stopped by to visit my almost sister-in-law, Emma, who gave me a beautiful manicure! I tell ya, these Heckerts are pretty good to me.

In other news, my sister Charlotte and her husband just bought a new house and it is the sweetest country home… in Provo. Provo is not really what I would call a rural city, but they managed to find a little deserted plot all their own. It’s tucked away and I’m convinced there’s magic brewing there. The house and land holds a lot of charm. These pictures were taken in their new back yard where I met their friendly next door neeeeeeeeighbors. (Bad joke?)











Denim Shirt Dress: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Brown Leather Braided Belt: Goodwill- New York City

Open Side Leopard Print Heels: Goodwill- Salt Lake City

Large Frame Glasses: Zenni Optical

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell 

Don’t Get Mushy

“Don’t get mushy” is what my dad always says whenever one of us shows even a minuscule form of affection towards him. He likes to pretend he’s a grouch but it’s no secret to the world that he’s soft as melted butter inside. Anyway, the point is, imma ’bout to get mushy. This navy and white striped dress has a special place in my heart because it was the dress I wore last summer when I had my first real conversation with Zach (I think the week before we had only exchanged cordial hellos and our names). Unfortunately it was one of those “fast fashion” purchases; I think it’s ready to be retired. But I had to get at least a few photos of me in it before I let it go. I’m a sentimental woman, you see. Funny enough, our first conversation was all about our commitment issues and how we weren’t really feelin it with the people we were dating at the time. I remember us both concluding that we’d probably get married sometime in our 30s and that was fine by us. Little did either of us know we were nonchalantly discussing our dating and relationship woes with the person whose signature would eventually end up next to ours on a marriage certificate. Life is funny.

P.S. I’d love it if you all thought I simply bought these blossoms from a street florist on my way home from work, but the truth is they came from Charlotte’s garden. She thinks she’s Martha Stewart and can do anything. And basically, she can.









Navy and White Striped Dress: Modbe

Tangerine Blazer: eBay

Brown Oxford Heels: Ross

Gold Plated Belt: Goodwill- New York City

Photography By Charlotte Tidwell